Fabrication Services


Our primary focus is in the manufacturing and fabrication of steel water pipe for Water and Wastewater treatment plants. Our shop is certified by the Steel Fabricators Association through their Quality Certification Program for Steel Pipe and Accessory Manufacturing. We are continually upgrading and adding to our equipment and personnel to increase our capacity as well as our efficiency. Our fabrication services include the manufacturing and fabrication of:

            Headers                  Laterals                        Crosses
            Wyes                       Tees                                Saddles
            Elbows                   Offsets                          Reducers
            Pipe Grooving    Pipe Supports            Pipe Spools
            Cutting                  Bending                        Plate Rolling

Our rolling capabilities are up to 3/4" thick for diameters of 120" and larger, 5/8" thick for diameters of 39" and larger. Also, 1/2" thick for diameters of 18" and larger. We also have a 12' wide x 225 ton press brake for other bending requirements, as well as an 80 ton iron worker for small parts or hole punching from 5/8" to 1 1/2 " round hole.

All of our Welding processes are performed by welders certified in accordance with ASME Section IX, either by Semi-Automatic mig welding or Automatic Submerged Arc welding. We have submerged arc seam welders with capabilities of up to 120" diameter round seams and long seams, and submerged arc welding manipulators for the welding of inside seams of our rolled and welded pipe.

Our Material Handling Equipment include 10 ton and 5 ton overhead bridge cranes, 3 ton trolley hoists, Ten 2 ton Jib cranes, 22,000 lb forklift, 8,000 lb forklift 6,000 lb forklift and a 15 ton and 12 ton Pettibone rough terrain yard crane.